Attorney General Horatio Eden Delivers Remarks on the Passage of the Ministry of Justice (Enumerated Powers) Act Brandburg, Satirno - 31st December, 2017
I’m greatly pleased that the Reichsversammlung last night approved the Ministry of Justice’s bold plan for a new, more formal law enforcement structure in the Abeldane Empire. It is encouraging that the honourable members thereof, like I do, see an important role for the Ministry of Justice in ensuring that the laws we write and pass in Pleston actually have effect in the wider Empire. Now that we have a law enforcement framework established, we can move forward as a nation and establish a wider legislative lexicon. With the regulatory power the act has granted to the Ministry of Justice, robust copyright and intellectual property law are within reach; bringing order back to an often disorderly imperial conversation now not merely a protean idea; a stronger electoral law, to prevent a travesty like Decembergate striking our democracy again just a few steps away. For the Ministry, for now, the next immediate steps will be to establish a regulatory base on which the Ministry can operate, the power to establish such regulations having been granted to us by the Reichsversammlung a few hours ago. I will also be personally continuing the Ministry’s investigation into the conduct of various figures in the previous election campaign as the government continues to tie up the loose ends surrounding the Decembergate situation. I am in talks with the Reichsregierungskabinett at the moment and will hopefully in the next month or so be announcing a decision on who to submit to the Reichsversammlung for approval as Deputy Attorney General. Additionally, work will commence immediately on the Federal Rules of Judicial Procedure, with a view towards submitting the final draft to the people’s representatives within the next few weeks. This bill’s passage represents a huge step forward for the people of the Abeldane Empire. With this, the Merrell administration has carried through on its promise to enable the federal government to finally start taking executive matters into its own hands, and to establish groundwork from which we can construct a greater legislative lexicon that will enable our nation to continue the longevity it has been fortunate so far to experience. Deus salve! - Attorney General Horatio Eden at the Ministry of Justice field office in Brandburg, Satirno